Altelal Agro for Agricultural Importation was established in 9,May, 2017 as one of the pioneers amongst the most important investment companies in the field of trading agricultural materials, supplies and inputs ( Fertilizers – pesticides – seeds – irrigation and spray supplies ) . However after passing the stage of establishment, which was utterly decisive, Altelal company has become a powerful commercial sector because of its agricultural management had the most prominent role in acquiring and making business with the most powerful international factories, manufacturing materials and supplies. This is a living testimony that the constant focused was upon selecting the most important and even new materials and items on the market, which outweigh the traditional materials in their effectiveness and impact. So long Altelal company has succeeded in that and deservedly become the exclusive and sole agent for the largest international companies, manufacturing high-quality products of pesticides and fertilizers, which have been widely accepted in the local market.

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