siroctin 220 SC :-

An advanced arachnid insecticide compound with high efficacy affects pests through contact and ingestion. It targets all stages of mites, tunneling insects, and sap-sucking pests, whether in protected or open-field agriculture.”


1- %Spirodiclofen 20

2- Abamectin 2%

Usage Rates
Safety periodUsage rate ml/100 l waterPestCrop
7 days20 – 30Red spiders And the tunnel makersTomato, potatoes, kobash Zucchini, cucumber
10 days30 – 40Dream and red spiders And the makers of tunnels and thripsCitrus/Apple, Pomegranate Persian Balss Guava
10 days30 – 40Red spidersCotton, Coffee
10 days20 – 30Onion thripsOnions and garlic
10 days30 – 40White DreamOrnamental plants
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