Berokcid 380 SC :-

A modern fungal compound characterized by containing two new active substances with a unique and powerful effect (therapeutic and preventive) against early and late blight, powdery mildew, gummosis, leaf spots, fruit rot, echoes, banana fusarium wilt, and cigar rot on fruits. Apple scab.


1- % Pyraclostrobin 12.8

2- % Boscalid 25.2

Usage Rate
Safety periodUsage rate ml/100 l waterDiseaseCrop
7 days25 – 30Blight (Alternaria)Tomatoes, potatoes Cucumber, Pipar
10 days40 – 50Powdery mildew, perforation Siechoes, root rotGrapes
10 days40 – 50Powdery mildew, perforation Sieve echoes, root rotAl Farsk Apple, plum Mango
10 days25 – 30EchoesGrain
7 days25 – 30Purple StainGarlic, onions
10 days40 – 50Powdery mildew, root rotOrnamental trees
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