Karnifal 150 EC :-

A non-systemic arachnid insecticide works through contact and ingestion, eliminating a wide range of spiders and insects such as butterflies, red spiders, and aphids in all stages of development, including their early and mature eggs.”


Pyridaben 15%

Usage Rates
Safety periodUsage rate ml/100 l waterPestCrop
6 days55 – 65Red spiders, tunnel makers Onion thripsTomato, potato, gosh, Zucchini, cucumber, onion, garlic.
7 days70 – 85dream, red spiders, Tunnel makers, thripscitrus (apple, Persian, elder, guava, pomegranate)
11 days70 – 80red spiders Coffee
10 days70 – 85White DreamOrnamental plants
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