Keshan 350 SC :-

Insecticide (neonicotinoid) is highly effective in combating many insect pests and affects directly through the nervous system of the insect and contact against many insects such as aphids, jasid, whitefly, and mealybugs


Imidaclopride 35%

Usage Rates
Safety periodUsage rate ml/100 l waterPestCrop
21 days35 – 50Aphids, scale insects, thrips, cutwormsPalm trees, yellow corn, sunflower
7 days35 – 50Aphids, leafhoppers, thrips, tunnel makersVegetables:
21 days20 – 40Tunnel makers, aphids, whitefly, scale insectsPotatoes, onions
21 days50 – 70MealybugsCitrus
21 days35 – 50Tunnel makers, aphids, pesilaGrapes
14 days35 – 50Aphid, whiteflyFruits: apple, mango, farsk, peach, apricot
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