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A leafy fertilizer compounded in the form of fine particles with a unique composition of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and marine algae and fortified with the element molybdenum, which works to increase vegetative, root and floral growth in the plant and is characterized by its high efficiency in diffusion and distribution within the plant coefficient, works to increase the nodes of flowering, stimulates the immune system which strengthens the plant, resists injury and treats the symptoms of stress to which the plant is exposed.


% Nitrogen 7.68% & Phosphor 3.84% & Potassium 12.80% & Molybdenum 0.38% & Sea algae 20

Usage rates
the cropDosageAdd time
Tomato, zucchini, pepper, cucumber, watermelon, melon, eggplant, lettuce150-200 ml / 100 liters of waterEvery 15 days after transplanting
Onion, garlic200-250 ml / 100 liters of waterFrom the age of 3-4 leaves every 10-15 days
legumes200-250 ml / 100 liters of waterevery 10 days
cereal300 ml / 100 liters of waterThe first spray at a height of 10-15 cm and the second spray before the spikes come out
grapes150-200 ml / 100 liters of waterThe first spray is before flowering and the second spray is before the decade
Citrus fruits, apples, almonds200-300 ml / 100 liters waterThe first spray at the beginning of growth, the second spray when the petals fall, and the third spray when the fruits grow
olive250-300 ml / 100 liters waterThe first spray is at the beginning of growth and the second spray is when flowering
All vegetable crops, fruit trees1  – 4 liters / 1000 square meters drip irrigation1  – 4 liters / 1000 square meters drip irrigation
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