CasBore :-

A specialized formula to address the most problems suffered by agricultural crops, as this composition compensates the plant from the lack of calcium and boron at all stages of its growth, treats the mold of the floral limb in the fruits of tomatoes and cucumbers, also treats the hollow heart, cork spots and cracked fruits, increases the life of fruits and storage, and has a role in increasing root bristles and the formation of the cell wall.


Calcium 10.5% & Boron 5.10% & Nitrogen 5.90%

Usage rates
The cropTreatmentDosage and methods of use
Tomato, hibiscus, strawberry, cucumberflower tip rot150-180 ml / 100 liters of water sprayed on the leaves and sprayed from the beginning of flowering and the formation of fruits, and the spray is repeated 9-14 days
Potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoesStrengthening the peel of the fruit and improving its quality100-150 ml / 100 liters of water sprayed on the leaves after the formation of tubers and sprayed again every 18 days until the start of harvest
All vegetablesTreating symptoms of calcium and boron deficiency150-170 ml / 100 liters of water sprayed on the leaves and sprayed again every 10 days
apple treeshollow heart treatment160-200 ml / 100 liters of water sprinkled on the leaves and given during the season 4-5 doses from the beginning of the formation of fruits
Vegetable crops and fruit treesTreating calcium and boron deficiency and improving the quality of fruits4-6 liters/ha by drip irrigation system
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