A modern systemic fungicide (transitional) with a wide preventive, curative and eradicative action against most fungal diseases that affect all agricultural crops such as early blight, powdery and downy mildew, anthracnose, leaf spots and gray rot, and fights fungi that have gained immunity against other conventional pesticides


Trifloxystrobin 50%

Usage rates
CropDiseaseUsage rate ml/100 l waterSafety period
cucumberpowdery mildew, gumming stems40 – 5014 Days
tomatoesEarly blight40 – 5014 Days
PotatoesEarly blight40 – 5014 Days
Apples and pearsScab, powdery mildew, leaf spot, rust, pantry diseases40 – 5014 Days
GrapesPowdery mildew40 – 5014 Days
MangoPowdery mildew40 – 5014 Days
Ornamental plantspowdery mildew, rust, leaf spot40 – 5014 Days
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